Recycling Volunteer

  • Green Initiatives of the Dental Clinic

    “To ensure hygiene and safety, dental treatment requires various disposables to be used. Because of this, some conclude that dentistry is one of the least environmental-friendly professions.” However, ever since dentist Ng Guat Kiat and her assistants responded to Tzu Chi’s call for recycling, they have proven that they too can practise environmental protection.

  • Study Aid – Motivation for Improvements

    In her small living quarters, items are neatly kept in used boxes and containers, while recyclables are cleansed and properly sorted out. This good habit of the children, who are beneficiaries of Tzu Chi Study & Awards Scheme, is attributed to the volunteers’ guidance and companionship, as well as the mother’s supervision.

  • Seize Every Moment and Always Be Grateful

    “My hands will always be trembling while saying ‘gan en’ (thank you from the heart) to others. People will wonder what happened to me. I don’t mind the curiosity. All I want is to grab every moment since I’m racing against time with my illness. I’m very grateful each and every day, at any time, and in every encounter.” – Ng Heang

  • Quit a 49-year Smoking Habit in 7 Days

    Determined to lead a happy elderly life pursuing his dreams, 69-year-old Liew Yeng Sang has no regrets of his decision to quit his smoking habit of 49 years. It was something that seemed impossible, but he managed it within seven days!

  • Age Is No Barrier to an Unwavering Mind

    Jack Ma, the founder of online retail giant Alibaba, once quipped, “Performing the same ordinary, mundane task over and over again countless times culminates in a great accomplishment.” Recycling volunteer Lee Yet May might not have a stellar educational background, but she is armed with a single-minded resolve to protect the environment and help impoverished families, and has never wavered in her commitment.
  • Protecting Mother Earth Despite Illness and Poverty

    Is it true that charitable contributions only happen when one is healthy and wealthy? Ramassivaran, a care recipient of Tzu Chi Klang, faced financial difficulty due to his illness. However, when his life became stable, he participated in recycling activity, fully demonstrating the spirit that “giving is not the privilege of the rich, but that of the sincere”.

  • Life Turnaround: Seeing Blue Skies and White Clouds

    Is life bitter and full of suffering? Chong Ngoi Lee found that after enduring the biggest hurdle in life, suffering is no longer an issue. Is life fragile? Chong Ngoi Lee realizes that life is just like a candlelight, dancing with the wind. Life is within each breath. When his life took a turn for the worse, Chong Ngoi Lee could still see blue skies and white clouds. Hence, he found that he is still blessed…