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August 20, 2022

Opening Doors to the Mind through Interfaith Collaborative Understanding

in Humanities

by By Chin Yen / KL & Selangor

On the morning of August 20, 2022, Tzu Chi volunteers from the English Group visited…
May 07, 2022

Sending Love to Ukrainian Refugees

in Activity Report

by Compiled by Chan Shi Yih, KL & Selangor / Translated by Lee You Zhuan

As the Russia-Ukraine war rages on, Master Cheng Yen urged Tzu Chi volunteers worldwide to…
May 07, 2022

The Secret to Real Happiness

in People

by By Tan Kim Hion, KL & Selangor / Translated by Yi-Qin

Lalitha, who once needed Tzu Chi’s help, is now able to help others. She cooked…
May 07, 2022

Bathing the Buddha: A Cleansing Within

in Buddha's Day

by By the Tzu Chi Documenting Team, KL & Selangor /Translated by Lee Hung Jiew

Starting this April, borders were lifted and restrictions relaxed. Life unreels to its pre-pandemic pace,…
April 08, 2022

Braving Hardships With Steadfast Courage

in Charity

by By Low Siew Lian, Malacca / Translated by Goh Hwe Yong

Siti Rahayu has a pair of smiling eyes, and a big smile, too. She delights…
January 29, 2022

A Life Enveloped in Loving-kindness

in People

by By Tan Kim Hion, KL & SELANGOR / Translated by Lee Hung Jiew

“I have a coin bank in my closet that I want to donate to Tzu…
January 20, 2022

A Different Path of Life

in People

by By Yap Chai Hoon, KL & SELANGOR / Translated by Lim Wen-Xin

I am grateful to have met Tzu Chi. There is always someone who will listen…