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Every Day Is Father’s Day and Mother’s Day

Tan Yow Jiuan makes fulfilling filial piety and doing good deeds her priorities in life. She has been taking care of her parents full-time for 12 years. Besides, she also allocates time to volunteer at Tzu Chi regularly.

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July 09, 2021

Timely Relief to Low-Income Families Under EMCO

in Charity

by By the Tzu Chi Documenting Team, KL & Selangor / Translated by Ong Mooi Lin

In light of the high number of Covid-19 cases, the Government imposed stricter lockdown in…
April 16, 2021

A Revamped Home Uplifts a Family of Four

in Charity

by Compiled by the Tzu Chi Documenting Team / Translated by Peggy Lee

“Look mum, our house is turning into a swimming pool!” exclaimed an innocent child who…
January 31, 2021

A Different Chinese New Year Celebration

in Charity

by By the Tzu Chi Documenting Team, Malacca / Photo by Ong Yoke Ching

Every year around Chinese New Year, Tzu Chi volunteers would prepare festive packs and a…
January 21, 2021

Love Opens Up His Door to Happiness

in Charity

by By Julie Yen Yu Chu, Malacca / Translated by Lee You Zhuan

“Since the start of the pandemic, I have only managed to live on bread, biscuits…
November 28, 2020

Love in a Silent World

in Charity

by By the Tzu Chi Documenting Team / Translated by Lee Hui Yieng

Tzu Chi care recipient Png Wui Choong has a one-foot-long surgical scar on his left…
November 21, 2020

Relief Aid for Trishaw Riders

in Charity

by By Low Siew Lian, Malacca / Translated by Lee Marn Fung

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the tourism industry, causing loss of income to trishaw…
October 11, 2020

Love and Care to the Indigenous People

in Charity

by By Tsze Hut Sea, Kota Tinggi / Translated by Lee You Ning

As the pandemic has impacted the lives of some indigenous people, Tzu Chi volunteers delivered…