Recycling Advocacy

  • As the pandemic has impacted the lives of some indigenous people, Tzu Chi volunteers delivered relief supplies and extended care to them. Volunteers also grabbed the opportunity to share the concepts of recycling and environmental protection.

  • The Environmental Education Exhibition at Tzu Chi Ayer Keroh Recycling Centre in Malacca was officially opened to the public a week after it was launched. On February 23, 2019, it welcomed 54 students, teachers and Great Love Mothers from eight local primary schools, and 40 university students and academicians.
  • As the New Year approaches, Tzu Chi Malacca volunteers distributed spring couplets of inspiring messages to various communities and shared the review of Tzu Chi’s mission for 2018 as a way to thank the public for their support. They also spread the message of environmental conservation, hoping to encourage everyone to commit to proper resource management in their daily lives.