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  • After three consecutive months of book study, sutra singing, and sign language practices and rehearsals, Lim Hon Seng and his daughter, En Ning, successfully made it for the performance of The Wondrous Lotus Sutra Musical Adaptation. It is rewarding that the daughter has also laid to rest the ghost of cyberbullying, while the father has learned to tame his temper.

  • “I am grateful that because of the Dharma I did not wreck my marriage. I am also grateful that the Dharma has guided me to be a good wife and mother.” – Siow Kim Yen

  • Lalitha, who once needed Tzu Chi’s help, is now able to help others. She cooked her signature dish for the charity sale to help the Ukrainian refugees.

  • I am grateful to have met Tzu Chi. There is always someone who will listen and accept my sharing regardless of the problems I faced. They taught me that there are options in life, and we could walk a different path.