Environmental Conservation

  • Discovering New Modes of Recycling

    Having met the business owner of a polystyrene and cooking oil recycling factory at an environmental-themed event, Tzu Chi volunteers visited the factory in the hope of gaining some valuable knowledge that will help them in the promotion of waste reduction.

  • Tzu Ching at International Conference on Ocean Issues

    The International Conference on Youth, Ocean and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14 hosted by World Youth Foundation aimed to gather the power of youth around the world, and inspire them to play their roles in ocean protection, by discussing the issues of ocean pollution and sustainable development of the fishing industry.

  • Our Third Child

    Nowadays, it is common for people to love and care for their pets like their own children. However, not all can take persistent, tedious care of the pets when the latter fall sick. Such inequality arises from the perceived difference between animals and human beings. Teng Swee Ueng and his wife used to have such perception but having turned vegetarians had made a shift in their perspective towards life.

  • Preserving the Environment for Future Generations

    In conjunction with the Qing Ming Festival, Tzu Chi Malacca volunteers initiated efforts to promote environmental conservation at the Malacca Memorial Park as a reminder to members of the public to not neglect the cleanliness of the environment while partaking in traditional customs and rituals that pay tribute to the dearly departed.

  • Protecting Mother Earth Despite Illness and Poverty

    Is it true that charitable contributions only happen when one is healthy and wealthy? Ramassivaran, a care recipient of Tzu Chi Klang, faced financial difficulty due to his illness. However, when his life became stable, he participated in recycling activity, fully demonstrating the spirit that “giving is not the privilege of the rich, but that of the sincere”.

  • Opening of Environmental Education Exhibition

    The Environmental Education Exhibition at Tzu Chi Ayer Keroh Recycling Centre in Malacca was officially opened to the public a week after it was launched. On February 23, 2019, it welcomed 54 students, teachers and Great Love Mothers from eight local primary schools, and 40 university students and academicians.