Announcement – Working Together to Mitigate Disasters

In response to the new coronavirus pandemic which may cause unpredictable consequences when spread among the crowd, and the government’s Movement Control order as well as the announcement by the Registrar of Societies Malaysia, all Tzu Chi premises in Malaysia, including the Jing Si Halls, offices, community centres and recycling centres, will be temporarily closed from March 18 to March 31. Tzu-Chi Dialysis Centres and Tzu-Chi Free Clinics in Kuala Lumpur and Klang however, will operate as usual. Tzu Chi’s relief work will also go on. You may contact any Tzu Chi chapters should there be an urgent request for help.

According to Master Cheng Yen, viruses are dreadful, but if we could be vigilant, take good care of ourselves and calm our minds, then we will be able to take preventive measures wisely. When we consume wild animals and are infected by the viruses as a result, we create collective negative karma. When we treat all lives with gratitude, respect and love, we will sow abundant blessings; and when everyone’s sincere prayers come together, a powerful force of blessings will be created.

Statistics compiled by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) show that in 2018

- 2,443 animals were slaughtered for food around the world every second (not including marine life)

- More than 210 million animals were killed for food daily, and that came out to 77 billion yearly.


Master Cheng Yen has been calling out to everyone to take good care of our health by observing a meatless diet. If we could curb our desires for meat, we could reduce the chances of being infected by zoonotic diseases, and peace will follow.

Visit to support the “Vegetarian Diet to Mitigate COVID-19” campaign.


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